Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bachelorette Party Madness

K, So I am super, super behind. In my defense...actually I really don't have one.
Anyway, October 31 AKA Halloween happened to fall on a Saturday this year (for those of you that weren't aware:-) and this Saturday also happened to be exactly seven days before my good friend Ashley's wedding. Um. Hello? BEST DAY FOR A BACHELORETTE PARTY EVER!

We started the morning with The WurstFest 5 Miler. It was actually my best race so far...incredibly flat and Marti and I stuck together most of the way. Then we all went home to nap furiously create costumes. We recycled a costume idea from senior year of nursing and went dressed as the shot "Dirty Girl Scout."

{Monty, Stacey, Ashley, me}

Ashley had her own special sash:

{our bachelorette, yay!}

We had a blast running around the River Walk in our costumes. I don't remember paying for too much either - all it takes is saying you have a bachelorette in your midst (and a cute costume named after a shot) and people are very kind! It was a great night and I'm pretty sure Ashley enjoyed herself!

{The End!}

I wish I had some pictures of making these costumes - they are so easy:

  • Four dollar skirt from Target measured against another skirt and then cut off (no hem, hello, I'm not Martha)
  • Square of orange felt cut into strips - 2 pieces pinned at the neck for the neck tie and 2 pieces fringed with scissors and tucked into socks
  • Heavy brown felt cut and ironed together with fabric glue (again, they didn't have home economics at my high school) and then foam letters applied to the front.
  • TaDa! One Girl Scout costume!

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  1. It really sucks that we didn't have Home Ec...yet another reason why our high school education was lacking.