Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanks A Lot

My sister started a daily post at the beginning of this month to say each day something she is thankful for each day until Thanksgiving Day. Since obviously, I'm in the slow and lazy blogger group - I'm getting started just a wee bit late and have to make up time.

I'm Thankful for...
1. Pumpkin flavored things.
I have a major obsession with pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin plug-in air freshners - I even had a pumpkin spice beer this weekend!

2. TiVo. I don't even remember the last time I watched TV with commercials! It's nice to have some shows I watch and like but not be tied to the television. I don't know if it's twisted or funny that I picked TiVo as my first (not top or most important!) thing on my Thankful List.
3. Frank (my car.) Sam and I (ok, mostly Sam) bought a new volkswagen to replace both our cars (he won't need one while he's gone, obvi.) I love Frank, just love him and his clean, dog hair free interior.
4. Okra. This is my new favorite vegatable and I really hope it's as good for you as I think it is (I refuse to investigate this for fear that it might not be as wonderous as I tell myself) because I eat it about 4 nights a week for dinner. I sound like Bubba Gump when I talk about okra and all the ways I like to cook it.
5. Facebook. I know it sounds freaky/stalker/obsessive but I love Facebook. I really do. How else would we keep in touch with those friends/acquaintances that are from our distant past or we don't know well enough to pick up the phone and call? It's awesome to put a nice comment on a wall or photo as a way to say, "Hey, I think you're cool, remember me? Let's be pals."
6. Monster Energy Drinks. Do I really have to explain? I would be driving to work taking naps one eye at a time if it wasn't for the [strangely yellow] sweet and addictive nectar of Monster.
7. My apartment. I finally found a place in San Antonio that is in a nice area, mostly away from the crazy traffic, has great dog walking side walks and really sweet neighbors.

8. Running. I actually hate running and almost every type of cardio but it's a necessary evil. I'm trying to adapt the attitude of being thankful that I can get up and go at all - there are a ton of people in the world that can't and would love to.

9. Magazines. The couple days each month when my new magazines come are so exciting! I love a fresh magazine full of new recipes, make-up tips, wardrobe ideas, and shopping websites to try...I save them (as best I can - it's pretty hard) for times when I know I'll be waiting somewhere or sitting on a plane.

10. Nicole! If I wasn't lazy, this 1oth thing on my list would be written by itself today, November 10th, which is Nicole's birthday:-) I've known this hott mamma since first grade. Happy birthday to one of my most specialest, funniest, best listeningest, overall bestest friends I have ever had!

{this is Nicole and I circa 2007...isn't she gorgeous?:-)}

So those were my first 10 things in my "Daily" 27 Days of Thankful journal. Thanks for the idea, Manda!

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