Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back in my early 20s...

Way back in elementary school my BFF's mom suggested that me and my friend journal so that later in life we could look back to laugh/cry/get way too sentimental at all our old memories. She was so right, I absolutely love my old journals and looking back at them. At least once a month, I'll pull out one or two of them to reminisce. Somehow, however, in the craziness of college, I just up and quit one day and haven't journaled since! That makes me sad considering all the funny, sad, silly, crazy memories of college and now my first years in the real world that I'll have to rely on just my memory to keep track of...all because I neglected to write them down.

Sooooo {insert drum roll} in honor of today being my 26th birthday - I decided to start blogging! Yay!

Ever since my sister started blogging last year I have become mildly obsessed with blogs and reading them. After coming to the conclusion that my previous pen and paper way to remember things failed me (or vice versa) - I think this might be a feasible and "modern" way to journal again. I don't have a well-developed sense of fashion or great taste in furniture and I'm not a foodie like so many great bloggers are - I do, however, often find things on the internet/learn things in a day's work/discover great deals/reach mini milestones in my life that I want to share and others (somebody, somewhere even if it's just my sister and myself) might want to read about.

So today, as I'm saying, "Byebye Early 20s" and "Hello, Most of the Way to 30" it might just be the perfect day to start journaling blogging this new part of my life. So, anyway, Happy Birthday to me (and to my blog :-)


  1. Holy cow, I love it!! I'll do a feature of your blog later on tonight. :) After the little people have gone to bed. SO excited that you've joined the bloggy world. If you become famous, don't forget me, your younger sister. (twenty-faux can last for awhile)

  2. Hey there, Alison....over from 'manda's blog.....gotta check out the little sis you know? She's so funny...who's she kidding about twenty-faux....well, I guess I could by chance join her and tell you I'm at least thirty a few more years experience. Happy Birthday and good luck on your blog!!!

  3. Welcome to blogging! I'm here from Amanda's blog.

  4. Most of the way to 30 is sexy by the way! I was just checking you out on Facebook and saw you started your blog! Hurrah! I've been waiting :)