Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's in a name?

Just to make myself clear - this site/blogspot/blog in general is not about mullets. I just needed a random name for my blog that would not get me stuck to writing about one thing. I tried MANY different names on for size including but not limited to:
  • "Tea and Strumpets" (from a Dumb and Dumber quote but this didn't work out because "strumpet"is actually another name for a hooker)
  • "Zuzu's Petals" (a nod to my boo and his favorite movie It's a Wonderful Life)
  • "Eat, drink, and be married" (a very cute suggestion from my sister but I didn't want to write all about food or marriage)
Anyway, back to the current title of my blog and how it came about. I have, since the young and sweet age of 18 been struggling to find a haircut and a stylist that work for me. All my problems started when I decided it would be acceptable to "just get a trim" at one of those cheap hair places in the mall. It probably would have been very OK but I decided to change my mind at the last minute and ask for "long layers."

This was the birth of my first mullet.

I never really thought too much about this fateful day over the next 8 years as I went to hairdresser after hairdresser and tried style after style trying to find something that was right for me...that is until about 2 weeks ago. I was coming home from a trim and decided to call Sam and let him know I'd just had my hair cut. "How'd it go?" he asked. I answered, "Well, it's kind of a mullet but I think it'll be OK after about a week because it hasn't made me cry yet." He paused and said, "You say that every single time you get your hair done." Of course I disagreed but then I did a quick movie montage-ish flashback of the past few years and realized that yes, in fact, I have said I have a mullet EVERY SINGLE TIME I've gotten my hair done. (Sometimes screaming the words, sometimes laughing at the ridiculousness, sometimes crying in the fetal position on the bathroom floor.) This realization came at the perfect time and last week when I needed a good, random, interest provoking name for my new blog, I, without thinking, I just banged out the name of my notorious hairdo and the exclamation that always follows it - "They gave me a mullet!"

In it's honor (and because I have no handy pictures of my own) I've created the following:

Mullet Hall of Fame

Mullet Man Pictures, Images and Photos
The Church Mullet

Mullet! Pictures, Images and Photos
The Long and Flowing Princess Mullet

Rockin Mullet Pictures, Images and Photos
The Sexy Superhero Mullet

Mullet Pictures, Images and Photos
The Sweaty Beach Mullet

and my personal favorite....

mullet Pictures, Images and Photos
The Loving Family of Mullets


  1. Where did you find those pictures? Is sweaty beach mullet really a man? it looks like a chick.

  2. OMG THIS IS PRICELESS!!!!!!! Phenomenal!!!