Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have to share

Everyone needs to run to Bath and Body Works and load up on some Wallflowers! They are on sale for less than half the normal price this week! Honestly (very very seriously) they are the best and longest lasting air fresheners I've ever used! ---you can tell I'm very serious about this buy all my exclamation points. Anyway, if you head out for errands make sure you stop at Bath and Body to get in on the sale.

I tried the Black Amethyst for the first time after my sister-in-law gave me the perfume for Christmas. I was afraid it would be too "perfumey" for my apartment but it smells AWESOME!


  1. hey girl, found your site through amanda's!! the black amethyst is my fav & i had no idea it was on sale this week. i love that it isn't too perfumey & my husband loves that it's not too girly smelling. their firewood candle smells deliciously like a boy, so i love that one also. score!!!

  2. There's an award for you on my blog today--pick 7! ;) Scroll towards the bottom of today's (Tues) post and you'll see it. Hope you will fill it out.