Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss Sugar Cookie

I was walking Amber on Saturday morning before meeting Stacey for yoga when I spotted a little puppy sitting on a porch in my neighborhood. I looked around trying to see if perhaps a drunk and/or tired person had just brought their puppy out to use the bathroom but hadn't put them on a leash...but there was no one in sight. The puppy was too scared to come down to me because of Amber (rightly so, Amber is kind of a beotch to dogs she doesn't know) but I could see that she (the puppy is a she) didn't have a collar on. She was whining a little like she wanted to come see me but just looked so skinny and weary.

I immediately started running for my house and dialed Stacey out of breath. I told her to come outside, we wouldn't be making yoga today, I had found her a puppy. (I'm very lucky that she actually agreed with me because she'd never mentioned wanting a puppy, now that I think about it...but history has shown Stacey and I can talk each other into just about anything. Anyway, she didn't argue she just said, "This better be good.") I dropped Amber in my house and Stacey and I went back to get the puppy. We found her cowaring in front of an apartment and she was COVERED in fleas and immaciated. I don't doubt someone just dropped her in our neighborhood to be found.

Stacey automatically decided she was adorable (phew!) and we scooped her up and took her to Becker Animal Hospital near our house. Dr. Becker was so understanding and didn't push Stacey one way or another in the puppy's treatment (it was VERY pricey because she had a virus and needed plasma and fluids.) They told us no matter what we did there was only a 50% chance she would recover because she was so young and so sick. I (and I'm sure Stacey) worried about that little dog all night and all day Monday. We went to visit her after work and she looked SO MUCH BETTER! She wagged her tail at us and ate 2 whole bowls of food while we watched. The vet tech said her chance of coming home is greatly improved since we'd brought her in and that Stacey can pick her up tomorrow. I'm so glad that we found her and that she has a new, cozy home with someone that will love her!

{Stacey named her "Sugar" - like the cookie - because her cat is named Mr. Oreo Cookie}

{Stace and her new puppy}



    We are hoping to get a puppy soon...soon as we find the time to find one. So far no one has dropped a puppy on our door step in this manner.

  2. Awww! She is way smaller than I thought...that first picture made me think she was bigger. She looks so sweet. You are a great animal rescuer. You could be on an episode of Diego. ;)