Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Point ate.

Nine days and 0.8 lbs. I ran my half marathon four days ago (I'll post about that later) and considered myself "on vacation" so I was definitely not being very "diety." Either way, point eight pounds is not so bad because the "point" is that I "ate" pretty much whatever was my hearts desire for this weekend and a loss is a loss is a loss...right? Right?!?!

In other news - I'm done with my old job! Wooo hooo! I have 5 days off and then I start my Operating Room Course on Monday. Can't wait:-)


  1. OR Nurse? Badass. I would ask your beastly fiancé about CrossFit, but I'm actually somewhat afraid of him. I'm fairly certain he could curl me.

  2. Hahaha...Blair's comment made me laugh.

    Because, quite frankly, I am terrified of you, and your words were forceful...yes, you are "right." ;)

    Did Mama tell you about her new addition?