Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chaskis 8K

Yesterday I met Stacey bright and early to run the Chaskis 8K in Helotes and then walk around the festival after. I was really nervous because since I have been getting used to Crossfit workouts - I haven't run more than a half mile in almost a month. For anyone that has never run with me - I am SLOW. My dream times are usually 10min/mile paces but what I make for my goals are usually around 11 or 12. Today being my first run back I decided to make my goal 60 minutes (a pretty generous time for 4.96 miles!) I walked through the water stops (something Sam taught me a while ago) and definitely walked up this monster hill on the third mile but other than that I jogged/ran the whole thing! And in less than my goal time! According to my Garmin (one of the best investments I ever made) I ran 5.07 miles in 56:36. Stacey, of course, was gone and out of my site within 2 miles and finished the race in about 40 minutes (she is really, really fast.)

Afterwards we walked around the festival until Stace had to leave for puppy class with Sugar. We found out the festival is actually a recurring thing that happens every first Saturday and we are definitely going back! I bought Sam some Strawberry Habenero preserves from a fruit stand man and myself a scallop squash because I've never seen them before and the vegetable man said they were delish.

Question: Has anyone ever done Team in Training or a similar marathon/half-marathon training program? Stacey and I were thinking about doing one but wanted some advice...


  1. Team in Training or some other group is extremely helpful to train for a race. I used to be in a group and they had a plan for how long our long run needed to be each week to be able to successfully run a marathon. Do you have a local running store? Ours has several groups. I don't know what city you are living in now, but chances are that you could easily find a group and probably make a bunch of new friends, too!

  2. Way to go! I've adopted the walk/run thing just in the past two weeks and its helping me alot with my running times and distance. I've yet to do a race though. I'm just taking it easy as this is going to become a lifestyle for me. I've got all the time in the world to get faster/ longer:p Good job on running it faster thne you ahd intended! Do you have problems with your hip flexors at all? I do an am trying to figure out why.

  3. You sound just like me! I'm about the same pace you are and am determined to get faster! I think Crossfit will help both of us with that.:)
    I trained for the historic half with my local momma running group (See Mommy Run). It is great. I'm sure your local running store can help as stated above & just try not to be intimidated! There are always expert runners as well as intermediate/beginner runners. Which means all types of paces. It was worth it for me.

  4. I've been stalking the Alamo crossfit page and FINALLY found a picture of you doing the WOD. You're officially a badass now, just fyi.

  5. I've done Team in Training and it is a great program/support team but if you don't have time to do the neccessary fundraising it can be hard. I am now training with a group organized by a running store in my city.