Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sister Has Spoken

She responded! My sister responded to my CHALLENGE (you can read her response here) and when I called her tonight she said she would make a decision by this weekend! Yayayayay! I'm so excited to hear what she says!

I'm also excited because I get to see my fiance this weekend! He told me he'd help me find training plans and running success stories to inundate (oh, man, I love that word but I don't know how to spell it!) her inbox with to help her make a decision.

I'm a little nervous because although I have a ticket to Virginia (Sam and I are meeting there to attend his fraternity brother's wedding) I'm going to try to go standby on an earlier flight...this means I'll have to carry on my luggage. Firstly, I never carry anything in the airport except my purse because I am really irresponsible and sincerely hate keeping track of a ton of stuff. Secondly, I'm a chronic overpacker and have been my whole life. Even in high school I took between 3 and 4 pairs of underwear and at least 3 pairs of shoes just to spend the night at my best friends' houses. My new carry-on suitcase is about the size of what I normally pack my face/hair stuff in!

Anyway, enough babblings...I'll take pictures this week AND keep you updated on my packing AND (most importantly!) let you know what my sister decides! :-)


  1. i tried to guilt/bully her into it. i did my best.

  2. Yeah, he was kind of a jerk about it. ;) ;)

  3. I just found your blog, and love it!! You are hilarious. Hope your sis accepts your challenge. I tried to get one of mine to run the Marine Corps Marathon with me, but I think instead she's opting to take a shot of tequila after I finish each mile...