Monday, June 1, 2009


As in pets. Pet peeves. Today my preceptor at work must have said at least three times "that's one of my biggest pet peeves." (She was of course talking about impatient, needy surgeons that constantly point out the 5 seconds it took to fetch whatever it is they asked for adds up to hours over the course of their careers - that's annoying.) Anyway, once the surgery got started and I was just wandering around the operating room (I was too short to see the surgical field and the video monitors were turned away from me) I started thinking about my own pet peeves. I actually narrowed it down to five (and not surprisingly most of them have to do with driving.)
  1. Very slow drivers in the very fast lane. What the alajkdfl;adjfl; do you think it's called the fast lane for!?!? I have been followed by a black cloud of curse words all the way to and from work several times over the past 3 years of driving in San Antonio because of these slow people making me sooooo furious!

  2. People decelerating on the highway instead of in the deceleration lane. Samuel has been the victim of my wrath over this many times...please turn on your blinker and negotiate your vehicle into the deceleration lane in order to slow down and turn. (P.S. I actually don't even know if that's the real name of this turning lane or if that's how you spell may just be that Samuel has feared correcting me when I start yelling about it:-)

  3. People who do not do the customary "thank you" wave after you do something nice for them on the road. If I slow down and let you merge in or I stop traffic in order to let you turn across an intersection - just let me see your hand give a little wave, it's not hard.

  4. My fourth pet peeve is when people in apartment complexes (I don't live in a house) do not put their dogs on leashes. THE SIGN SAYS KEEP YOUR DOG ON THE LEASH AT ALL TIMES. I love my sweet baby Amber Judith but she's rude and has bad manners and when someone's poodle comes rushing around the corner baring it's teeth - someone's gonna lose an eye or part of an ear and it's probably not my junk yard baby!

  5. My last and final and perhaps my worst peeve is when people make comments about other people's food. "Wow, you ate all that?" or "What is that? It smells weird." are just not nice things to say...maybe I'm weird but I've been known to throw away a whole meal because someone made me really self-conscious about the smell/amount/look of what I was lunching on!
Ok, wow, I sound so rude! me out here, what are some of your biggest pet peeves? I've made the next 24 hours judgement free - you can say whatever bothers you and there will be no judgement or consequences (plus it will make me feel better for complaing so much.) Sometimes, like a good cry or scream at the top of your lungs, it just feels so good to let it all out:-)

{Just for grins - and because I love blogs with pictures - this is a picture of my Amber with her Stacey's cat, Oreo}


  1. 1. When people don't return phone calls or emails for days. Or ever.
    2. When people discuss their plans or invite other people to do stuff in front of those who aren't invited.
    3. "Form" thank you notes that kids send nowadays for birthday gifts. "Dear__. Thank you for the __. I love it. Love, ___"
    4. When T turns good songs into songs with the word "boob" into them. Makes me so mad!
    5. Family that doesn't treat family as such.

  2. 1. People who insist they know what they're talking about when they're obviously full of crap.
    2. People who get in the "20 items or less" checkout lane with a grocery cart filled to the brim. They are obviously SO important.
    3. When you try and fill your gas tank and the stupid handle won't stay in the "automatic" position, forcing you to squeeze the handle with the exact optimum pressure or it clicks off every 2 seconds.
    4. People who try and drive and text at the same time. If you have a death wish, please stay out of my lane.
    5. People who decide to answer their phone and talk, AT FULL VOLUME, in the library. I honestly want to stand up and punch them in the face.

  3. I'm only going to list one because I have enough rage about this to fuel 20 pet peeves. PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT SCOOT OVER TO THE WINDOW SEAT ON THE METRO. Sorry, but you and your stop are not SO important and so close that you MUST have the outside seat. Let's face it, you are just an ass who wants the two-seat bench to yourself on the jam packed train because I KNOW you don't WANT me crawling all over to get in the seat and then get out. Seriously? ok, ok...

    side note, I am going to Nashville this weekend for a wedding! Anything you recommend not to be missed?

  4. I am SO with you on ALL of those! People bug me. :)