Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Extravaganza! (Take One.)

Merry Christmas! Today is The D Family Christmas Extravaganza!

I head for Texas on Monday and Sam leaves Baghdad 'Burbs on Monday so we decided to celebrate tonight. I'm really excited but just a teeeny bit nervous because the SRP (Soldier Readiness Processing) gave him about 29380238 shots and 2 flu mists yesterday...I don't want him to "get sick." If he does, so be it, I'll nurse him with pizza and ginger ale but I'm crossing my fingers because, in honor of our new family tradition, I signed us up for the Rudolph Red Nose 5K in Nashville tonight! I'm so excited that I even purchased us "outfits!" Woot!

I've been a little frustrated the past couple days because I've actually had time (been sitting in Sam's house for all the cleaners/painters/fixer-upper-men to come) and desire (let's face it, I'm lazy) to blog but I can't figure out Sam's new iMac! Hence, the lack of pics...oh well.

In other news - I just saw on a cooking show that FRENCH FRIES and POTATO CHIPS go excellently with Champagne. Hmm. That seems perfect for classy.

Can't wait for tonight!


  1. pizza and ginger ale sound really good right about now...i've got a cold. have fun on your marathon!

  2. You D's and your weird family traditions. ;) You should try the T family tradition of laying on the couch for 5 hours and watching ESPN. I haven't tried it yet, but other members of the family have and gave it rave reviews. ;)