Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in Review

Sam came last Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with friends at Chama de Gaucho on the Riverwalk. This was my first experience ever at a Brazilian steakhouse and I gotta tell you - it was Ah-maz-ing (and freakin expensive but we were celebrating Ash's birthday and we don't have kids so whatev)! You walk in and hit up this fabu salad bar/side bar and are also given this coaster that has a red side and a green side. When you turn up the coaster to the green side - Gauchos (the waiters) come from the woodworks with this huge slabs of delicious meats. It was so good I can't believe I don't have pictures to remember it.

Thanksgiving morning Sam and I decided to start a new Thanksgiving tradition where I get us insanely lost in the city I've been living in now for over three years, arrive late and run a mile to the start line, grab a "free" race number and then run a Turkey Trot. Actually, the tradition is just the Turkey Trot.


As I said - before I got us really lost in the SA ghetto and then we had to run to the start line. The race was held by the San Antonio Road Runners. I think they were overwhelmed by the THOUSANDS of people that showed up to run...the lady at the sign up table was being overrun and was just handing out the race numbers. (I signed us up last year and paid but we didn't go so I comforted my guilty feelings about a free race with that thought.) The four mile race was held in McAllister Park and I definitely recommend it to anyone. The park is awesome and the crowd was really laid back - everyone had strollers, dogs, kids, gramma - and just kind of took their time and chilled on the trails.

Sam was being sweet and wanted to stick around with me but I knew he wanted to see how fast he could go so I called him to me, picked out a guy in an Army Ranger shirt, and instructed him to find the guy and beat him. (He's goal oriented.) Of course, he took off and finished in enough time to get water and then run back to finish the race with me. I actually did pretty awesome (for me) and was really proud. I found two girls that seemed to have a steady pace and then just trailed them. It was nice because the two of them cut a nice path so I didn't have to zig zag around Gramma and the strollers. I didn't have my Garmin so I was just going with how I felt but was really happy when I finished in a little less than 40 minutes - less than 10 minute miles! Woot!

{my fierce competitor face}

We came home after the race and made Mexican food:-) It was delish. I've never been a turkey fan - it just seems like dirty chicken to me - and Sam has never been too keen on it either so I made his favorite. We had white chicken enchiladas, rice, beans, and all the normal fixins. Overall, it was an amazing day - just relaxing and acting like normal married people that live together, eat together, and celebrate together. So nice:-)

{mmm, delish...white chicken enchilada, homemade Mexican rice, refried black beans, and ensalada:-)}

Do you have any family traditions?

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  1. My mom and sister used to eat Doritos and drink Diet Coke on Thanksgiving.