Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Alone

Welp. I'm back in Tejas. Alone. (Wah! I'm a crybaby!) My Sam is leaving for his Army adventures in the Middle East today.

Rewind to Saturday night...we went downtown to the FANTASMIC Blackhorse Brewery in downtown Clarksville with some friends.
(If you know me, you know I love food and the fact that I will name this little brewery in this tiny town as my fave of all time says A LOT...they have VANILLA BEER. Holy Crap, man.) I wasn't really feeling the night but I tried hard for Sam. It was hard to have an excellent time when Sam leaving was in the back of my mind.

We left the next morning to head to Nashville. We wanted to have lunch at the Opryland Hotel and ended up watching the Redskins game. Sam is a die hard Skins fan and their game was on so we watched and ate lunch at a cafe. (I was so mad at them for making him excited they would win and then making stupid mistakes and losing!) Afterwards we walked around the beautiful hotel.

Then we headed to the airport. I made him pinky swear me that once we said goodbye at security meither of us would turn around. (I hate saying goodbye!) Of course, both of us did look back...very cinema of us haha :-) I'm proud though - there could have been a potentially ugly cry combined with sobbing and collapsing in the fetal position on the airport floor - but we both did really well.

Lastly, thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus, for Meggan. Meggan is one of my best friends in the entire world. My bashert. The maid of honor in my wedding. Her boyfriend, David, is Sam's roommate (how they met was totally not a setup, and truly a cute story) so she was in town to say goodbye as he leaves for Iraq too.
It just happened that our planes left at exactly the same time so we found each other, cried like blubbering idiots and then ate our feelings (fries from Wendys) before hugging goodbye. I'm so glad we could be there together!

SIDE NOTE: I'm glad that (at least for the past week) I've kind of found my stride in this blogging thing. I tried too hard to blog like everyone else (pictures of food and witty posts about random things) when that's not what I wanted from this experience at all. I just want to write down day to day things, put up pictures for Sam, and just generally have a nice (modern?) way to journal my new life as Mrs. D :-)

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