Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rest of my Thanksgiving List...

I never came back to finish my 27 Days of Thankfulness list! Things have been crazy getting ready for Sam to leave for Iraq...He was in Virginia for three days, California for two days, Texas for four days and now we are both in Tennessee!

It's a little crazy because Sam owns a house here that he wanted to sell before he left but with the market as bad as it is, he decided to rent it while he's gone. It should be noted that every once and a while we both make the attempt to say "our" house but it never sticks for me. I have never lived there nor decorated nor really had much to do with it. So besides lending a listening (sometimes frustrating) ear to my husband on house issues and decisions - I basically don't have much to do with it! Anyway, he's been gathering up all his stuff, packing, giving stuff to Goodwill, and hiring various fix-it/clean-it people over the past few weeks. Now it's getting down to the wire because the renters will be here on Sunday! Ah!

Today I took Sam into work and then made him very proud as I navigated myself from Ft. Campbell to downtown Clarksville for some oatmeal and to hit up my favorite scrub shop (Scrubs and More = AWESOME!) and then back to the gym on post. I jogged about 3.2 miles on the treadmill (really slow, took me about 36 minutes) before Samuel crashed my gym party and we went to Sonic for lunch:-)

I'm on Sam's new Mac computer so I'm afraid to try to load up pictures today. But here is the rest of my Thankful List that I owe you:

12. I'm thankful for getting to come to Tennessee to experience some cold weather and wear my cute winter pea-coat
13. I'm thankful that wear I normally live isn't this cold (there was frost on our car this morning!) and I can wear shorts even in December.
14. I'm VERY thankful for Carmax that is going to buy my old car (Bonnie the Jeep Liberty) even though I have not one single record of maintanence.
15. I'm very thankful Sam wasn't mad when he found out that I didn't know you were supposed to keep maintanence records for cars...
16. I'm thankful for my sweet and beautiful nieces. Not only are they gorgeous but they are smart and hilarious...what kind of three year old tells their teacher, "No thanks, I don't want to clean up, I think I'll just have time out." High-larious.
17. I'm thankful for the Air Force. Even though they make me mad sometimes (out of four Christmases/Thanksgivings - I've only had ONE OF EACH with my family. AND they barely let me see Sam before he leaves for a year.) They also afforded me the opportunity to go to Iraq which was the best nursing/learning/growing experience I could have asked for. They also gave me a sweet deal on going back to school with the GI Bill too. Oh and also they pay the bills:-)
18. I'm thankful for my sweet Amber Judith (I can't remember if I mentioned her before but she's so important she deserves mentioning again!) She has been with me since the summer of 2003 and has been with me through everything. Through the Great Breakup (and subsequent breakdown) of 2004, through nursing school, through moving home for a summer and then moving to Texas! Her sweet face and wagging behind has made me smile even on my worst days. Yes, I'm very thankful for her!
19. I'm VERY thankful for Alamo Crossfit. Even though I don't have the money or time to dedicate myself 5-6 days a week like I did before my wedding, Crossfit taught me the awesome benefits of intense, short, weighty workouts. They helped me get rid of my flabby chicken breast arms for my wedding photos too!
20. I'm thankful for my mom. There are no words to explain how strong she must be and how inspiring she is to have been through all she has and to still smile.
21. I'm thankful for my brother and sister. I love family dinners with them (and my sister and brother in law) because we always have so many funny stories and great discussions.
22. I'm so thankful for text messaging. Enough said. I just love it.
23. I'm thankful for iPODs and iTunes and singing at the top of my lungs every day on the way to and from work. I love music.
24. I'm thankful that people still make movies like The Blindside that are entertaining but have such a great message.
25. I'm thankful for pajama pants. I could count on my fingers the number of times I HAVEN'T come home and immediately changed into my comfy pants. I just can't sit around in jeans or real clothes like other people do!
26. I'm so thankful for my girlfriends. I am so lucky to have found amazing friends on every leg of my journey - my high school girlfriends, my William and Mary girlfriends, the girls I met at James Madison and nursing school, and my girlfriends in Texas. I actually do say thanks for my friends on a regular basis. I am so lucky to have found them!
27. When I finally find the right words to say - I'll finally write a post about my Sam. I feel it's so cliche to say he is my "best friend" or "the love of my life" because he is so, so much more. I am thankful for him every second of every day.

That's the list! Whew! I don't know if I even have the patience to proof read it :-) Wish I had pictures...maybe tomorrow!


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  1. # 15. I don't remember her saying that...I must have forgotten. Today, she told me it would be "impossible" for her to take her books downstairs from her room.

    Good list.